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Carehub Global Services outlines this policy with the procedures and guidelines regarding fees, refunds, and withdrawals for students. The aim is to ensure transparency, fairness, and clarity in financial transactions between learners  and the training provider. 



This policy applies to all learners and trainees in courses and programmes including domestic and international learners across all modes of study (online, eLearning, face-to-face, and or  virtual). 



This is to ensure clear communication regarding fee structures and payment requirements. Provide guidelines for the refund process in case of withdrawal or cancellation. Outline the procedures for withdrawal from courses and programs. 



Fee Structure 

Tuition Fees: 

Tuition fees are set annually and vary by program, course, and student category (domestic or international). Detailed fee schedules are published on the Carehub website and in official publications. 


Additional Fees: 

Additional fees may include administration fees, material fees, student services fees, and other course-specific charges. 

These fees are disclosed at the time of enrolment and listed in the fee schedule. 


Payment Terms 

Payment Deadlines: 

Fees must be paid by the specified deadlines, which are communicated upon enrolments and through regular billing notices. Payment plans may be available upon request, subject to approval. 


Payment Methods: 

Accepted payment methods include bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and online payment systems. Cash payments are generally not accepted for security reasons. 


Late Payments: 

Late payment penalties may apply, including interest charges and administrative fees. Failure to pay fees by the due date may result in cancellation of offer of place, suspension of access to eLearning services and resources. 



Refund Eligibility 

Full Refunds: 

All Learners are eligible for a full refund of tuition fees if you cancel or withdraw from a course or programme before the start of the intake date up to seven (7) days of start date. Administrative fees and non-refundable deposits may be excluded from the refund. 


Partial Refunds: 

Partial refunds may be granted if withdrawal occurs within a specified period after the start of the term, as outlined below: 

Refund Schedule - MySkill.png

No Refunds: 

No refunds are provided for withdrawals after the specified refund period, except under exceptional circumstances (e.g., medical emergencies, compassionate grounds). 


Refund Process 

Request for Refund: 

Learners must submit a formal refund request in writing, including supporting documentation where applicable. 

Refund requests are processed by Accounts Department within a specified timeframe, usually within 30 days. 


Refund Disbursement: 

Approved refunds are disbursed via the original payment method where possible. In cases where the original payment method is not available, alternative arrangements will be made. 


Withdrawal Procedures 

Module or Course Withdrawal: 

Learners wishing to withdraw from a particular module or course must submit a Course Withdrawal Form to the Training Coordinator. The withdrawal date is recorded as the date the form is received.  Contact email: 


Programme Withdrawal: 

For withdrawal from an entire programme, Learners must submit a Program Withdrawal Form. An exit interview may be required to discuss the reasons for withdrawal and potential alternatives. 


Impact on Academic Record 

Withdrawal Before Intake Start Date: 

Withdrawals before the Intake Start date result in no academic penalty and the course will not appear on the Learner’s transcript. A full or partial refund may be applicable depending on the timing. 


Withdrawal After Intake Start Date: 

Withdrawals after the start date but before the final withdrawal deadline are recorded as “Withdrawn” (W) on the transcript. No refunds are typically available after the deadline date. 


Withdrawal After Final Deadline: 

Withdrawals after the final deadline are recorded as “Fail” (F) unless there are exceptional circumstances. 


Exceptional Circumstances 

Medical Withdrawals: 

Learners withdrawing due to medical reasons must provide a medical certificate or other relevant documentation. Consideration for refunds and academic penalties will be made on a case-by-case basis. 


Compassionate Withdrawals: 

In cases of significant personal hardship, Learners may apply for a compassionate withdrawal with appropriate supporting documentation.  Each case is reviewed individually, with potential adjustments to refunds and academic records. 


Implementation and Review 


The training provider ensures that all fees, refund, and withdrawal policies are clearly communicated to Learners through the enrolment brochure, handbooks, resource materials, and website at 


Review and Updates: 

This policy is reviewed annually to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and institutional best practices. 

Any changes to the policy are communicated to students in a timely manner. 



The Training Manager is responsible for managing and maintain Learner’s records including Withdrawal forms. fee payments and refunds, and the Accounts Department  handles the processing of invoices, receipt of payments, withdrawal and refund payments. 



This policy aims to provide clarity and fairness in the handling of fees, refunds, and withdrawals, ensuring that all Learners are well-informed and supported throughout their academic and training journey. 

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